Aurora Opal

A beautiful material born in outer space.

Aurora Opal is a human-made opal created under laboratory conditions. The science behind its development has roots in experiments done in the micro-gravity of outer space. Aurora Opal is the world's first example of a homogeneously crystallized opal.

Aurora Opal is in a group of materials called colloids. A colloid is a mixture in which one substance of microscopic particles is suspended throughout another substance; an example of this is milk which is a mixture of butterfat globules dispersed within a water-based solution.

A more beautiful example of a colloid is natural opal, which is an amorphous form of silica nano-spheres(SiO2 - "Quartz") and water (H2O). Similarly, aurora opal is a homogeneous crystal formed of silica nano-spheres suspended within a resin. Aurora opal has amazing play-of-color and iridescence similar to precious natural opal.

While the beauty and variation of natural opal may out surpass aurora opal at times, natural opal has limitations that aurora opal does not. The resin polymer base of aurora opal allows it to be cut and carved in ways you would not dare attempt with precious natural opal.
An excellent example of the durability and strength of aurora opal is our dangle earring and necklace pendants that are made from solid aurora opal; without bezels or backings, natural opal would fail in this arrangement.

Aurora opal is a fantastic material; being human-made does not detract from its beauty and versatility, and we are always looking for new ways to incorporate it into our work.

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