About Us

Cut Branch is a fusing of two creative minds (Vilma and Chris). We are a team, committed to our crafts, our customers, and each other.

I first met Chris carving spoons in his front yard. As our love sparked so did the want to combine our creative minds. We eventually came upon the idea of tying together our crafts of jewelry making and woodworking. A few prototypes were made and the response we received from family, friends and strangers, gave us the push we needed to take it to the next level and open a new ETSY shop just for our jewelry.

Creating something out of what was eventually going to be firewood, mulch, or landfill is what we love most. The vast majority of our raw materials are collected locally, by us. We mill and chop through our piles of wood looking for the best grain and character for our spoons, bowls, platters and other kitchenware.

handmade wood tableware, wood kitchenware, spoons bowls and platters

The remaining pieces, too small for turning or carving are destined for the casting bench where we begin to transform them into one of a kind worlds.

Our creative process for our jewelry begins by examining the world that surrounds us, whether that be the stone and steel canyons of NYC, or the beautiful landscapes and wilds of New York State. The colors, patterns and structure inspire our collections.

We then begin to work with the raw materials to prepare our designs, salvaged wood, resin, and semi precious stones/crystals make up most of our work. We both enjoy taking part in every aspect of the process.

wood stabilization, vacuum stabilization, cactus juice
Beginning with our rough ideas, we make molds, then prepare and position the raw elements. Our original designs then determine how we cast and pour the resin. After the curing process is finished we cut and shape the raw pieces to prepare them for sanding. The finishing steps always amaze us, as the true beauty of the pieces begin to shine through. After polishing the pieces are combined with high quality jewelry elements to create our original visions.

resin and wood jewelry, carving, hand carved pendant process

Our creations are thoughtfully curated and handmade one at a time. We take pride in the quality of our work and stand behind our creations. We strive to bring forth only the best we have to offer, and are constantly looking to improve our methods and add to our collections.

Thank you for visiting our shop, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message us. We hope you love what you find here at Cut Branch and look forward to hearing from you.