How we create our Resin and Wood jewelry.

From raw wood to finished necklace.

cut branch resin and wood jewelry creation steps

Our resin and wood jewelry begins its journey as a piece of wood collected from the forest floor or local tree removal service. We then mill and dry the wood; drying can take anywhere from a few weeks, to months or longer depending on how thick the raw blocks are.

The next steps prepare the dried wood by vacuum stabilizing in a bath of the heat-curable resin Cactus Juice, this adds durability and dimensional stability. After stabilization we begin our design process, each wood slab gets photographed and a digital layout of the finished pendants created.

Printouts of these designs help us build the interior of each pendant. Moving on to the casting process, dyes and pigments are selected and prepared for mixing, the resins are then de-gassed to remove bubbles before the final pour.

Pressure casting eliminates any stray bubbles, creates a deeper bond between the wood and resin surfaces, and makes for a crystal clear finished product. The freshly cast slabs of resin and wood get removed from their molds and trimmed, a post-cure of one or more weeks let the bonds within the resin fully form.

Working with the cured slabs of resin and wood, we will use the printed layouts to help line up and cut out the shapes of the individual pendants. 

A variety of coping saws, sanding machines, and hand files help us slowly shape and carve each pendant to its final form.

Sanding these rough pendants will remove all of the heavy carving marks, and as we progress through the sandpaper grits, the unique interior of each piece begins to shine.
Polishing is our second to the last step, using a slow speed buffing wheel to create a glass-like finish on each piece. A final clear-coating step will add a protective coating for durability and UV protection.

Many of our creation steps are found on our Cut Branch YouTube Chanel, along with lots of videos of our finished pendants.

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