Opal Resin Wood Teardrop Necklace, hand-made aurora opal crystal fantasy pendant.

  • $65.00

An aurora opal crystal forest is surrounded by swirling iridescent clouds. The shards of resin opal contained in this pendant change color as they move through the light and as your viewing angle changes.

Pendant #: OP-032

Pendant Dimensions 

Height - 2.5 (inches)
Width - 1.375 (inches)

Metal: Stainless Steel
ength: 18 inches.

Packaging & Shipping

The necklace you see above is the exact necklace we ship, everything we make is one of a kind. Your new necklace will arrive in a beautiful little jewelry box, ready for wrapping, gifting, or just a great place to keep your new pendant safe.

US Domestic Orders are shipped USPS First Class mail when package weight allows, you may select the faster USPS Priority shipping at checkout if you prefer.

International orders are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority International.

Our Process

We use a variety of reclaimed wood and organic materials in our resin and wood necklaces. The vast majority of materials are locally sourced, collected and prepared by us.

Our pendants are created using reclaimed wood, we collect dry and mill all wood on-site. Each slice of wood is selected for its design and character before being vacuum stabilized in resin for a longer, more stable life.

After the wood is prepared and cut to size we begin designing the profiles and the arrangement of each pendant within their individual mold. Then we begin the painstaking process of building the tiny individual worlds held within each of our pieces. We use all kinds of materials inside from high-tech resins to plants and flowers.

Our casting process involves more vacuum chamber and pressure curing stages. After curing, our resin and wood slabs are then rough cut into the individual shapes before hand-carving, sanding and polishing to bring them to a glass-like finish. We top each piece off with a clear-coat that helps with UV and scratch protection, (this final coat is again polished and buffed after it is cured).

How to Care for your Necklace.

We put a lot of time and effort into each and every pendant we make, we watch them grow from raw chunks of wood to beautiful glossy pieces of wearable sculpture. We know you will feel the same about your necklace as well. To help maintain the beauty of the pendant we suggest a few care guidelines.

♦ Clean the pendant with a soft microfiber cloth.
♦ Avoid getting cosmetic or hair products on your pendant.
♦ Avoid staring into the pendant while walking.
♦ Keep your pendant in a safe place where it will not be scratched by other objects.

♦ Don't expose the pendant to high heat.
♦ Don't submerge your pendant in water (a quick dunk won't hurt it but try to avoid it).
♦ Don't leave your pendant hanging or lying in the sunlight, UV rays destroy literally everything in time, resin is no exception. (everyday wear is fine, but not if you're sunbathing)
♦ Don't Scrub or clean your pendant with harsh chemicals or abrasives.

♦ If somehow your pendant still has become damaged, please contact us and we will work with you to make it beautiful again.
We have spent hours creating and staring into each piece we make, we would not want it just tossed in a drawer because it was damaged.

For more pictures and videos of our work and how we do it, check out our social media channels below.


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