Glow in the Dark Sci-Fi Fantasy Teardrop Necklace, one of a kind cosplay gear.

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Glow in the Dark Resin & Wood Teardrop Pendant

Glowing Spires stand in swirling iridescent clouds. The glowing crystal shards contained in this pendant are surrounded by swirling iridescent clouds creating a rainbow-like effect.

Areas of the interior of this necklace will glow in the dark creating a magical little world inside.

See pendants like this one in motion on our YouTube Chanel

Specifications (inches)

 Pendant: PH-057
Pendant Height: 2.5 Pendant Width: 1
Chain Metal: Stainless Steel Chain Length: 18
Size Information

Our Resin and Wood Creation Process

Resin and Wood Pendant Care Instructions


The necklace you see above is the exact necklace we ship. Your new necklace will arrive in a beautiful little jewelry box, ready for wrapping, gifting, or just a great place to keep your new pendant safe.

For more pictures and videos of our work and how we do it, check out our Blog and social media channels below. 


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